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How to Grow Your Business with Facebook Groups!

How to Grow Your Business with Facebook Groups!

As we all know, Facebook is an amazing community of over 2 billion active users. Over half of the people on Facebook are active in groups. Groups are super valuable because a lot of them are closed or even secret, so there is more engagement likely to happen. Discover how to grow your business with Facebook groups.

Building a targeted Facebook Group can help you get more leads, clients and customers. You will make more conversions and sales due to a higher rate of connection and engagement. This will work for any niche you can imagine from direct sales, to coaching, to information products, e-courses and more.

What are Facebook Groups?

A Facebook group is a community within Facebook. Each group is built around a specific special interest, cause, or niche. Groups can be created/sponsored by businesses, organizations, or individuals. There are also several types of groups – open, closed, and secret. Each has a different level of privacy.

For example, if your business offers training and information about marketing for local businesses, you can start a group for a specific location such as a region, county, or city/town. Or, maybe you teach fitness classes, you could offer a group on Health and Exercise for your local area and funnel folks to your classes. Groups are powerful ways to engage your audience and create raving fans that will help you promote your products and or services.

Get More Prospects and Make More Sales with FB Groups

Follow these steps to start getting more prospects and sales with Facebook Groups. You’ll be glad you did because this powerful method can transform your business in amazing ways.

Define Your Group Niche

If you’ve already identified your ideal audience, this part will be easy. If you aren’t sure who your audience is and what problems they have, you’ll need to do that first.

Example: You Sell Cat Toys

A general cat lover’s group will work great. Name the group something that makes it simple for your audience to recognize the group as being for cat lovers. You might call it Cat Lovers Unite.

Example: You Sell eBook Cover Designs

A group focused on authors who need to make great cover designs is a good idea. You might call it something like Cover Design Tips for Authors.

Example: You Sell Work from Home Courses for Moms

A group for moms that want to work from home will love having a group just for them that they can trust for providing good information. You can call it Moms Who Want to Work from Home.

Obviously, you want to make the group stand out so try to make the name unique and/or related to your website name or brand. Once you choose the right name and focus of the group, you can start building your FB group membership. When you create your new group, you’ll be prompted to add at least one person to the group to get started. Go ahead and add a good friend for now. The most effective groups are moderated well and are closed. Once you create the group, choose an appropriate icon from their choices to represent your group.

Brand Your Group

Once you’ve created the Facebook Group, you need to brand it. You want the group branding to match the branding on your website. Create a cover for the group, and add a good headshot for the profile picture so that you are part of the brand. People respond much better to groups when they can see your face. Your business logo can go into the cover design instead.

Group Description – Potential members will see the group description first. It will help them decide if the group is for them. If your group is closed, this will help them decide if they want to join. Focus on the benefits of the group, what you can do for them, rather than on what they can buy from you.

Example: Moms Who Want to Work from Home

Description: Awesome work from home tips and info for moms who don’t want to get a JOB and miss out on raising their own kids.

Group Cover – This is a great opportunity to ensure that your audience has the information needed to connect with you, outside of the group. Ensure that the cover matches your website branding. Include contact information and images that show your expertise.

Profile Picture – Choose a picture of yourself, for best results. People are more trusting of a person than they are of a brand/corporation. Showing your picture will humanize the group experience.

Tags – You can add tags to the group too so add tags that are keywords for your group. Examples of the work at home mom group tags might be: work at home mom, work at home training, earn money from home, moms who stay home and so forth. Use as many tags as it lets you that are relevant to who you want to join the group.

Group Type – When you pick your group type, make sure it matches what you’re doing. You can choose custom group type and pick the features you want in your group. In addition, you can also set up the location you want to target, if any.

Questions – Groups allow you to ask up to three questions of anyone who wants to join the group. This is a great way to weed out possible spammers. It is best to moderate signups rather than letting just anyone join the group. This makes it more targeted, meaningful, and beneficial to the members.

Pinned Welcome Post – In your group, you can create a post with rules for the group that you pin to the top. That way everyone sees that post first thing upon joining the group.

Setting up your group by following the prompts and sets in Facebook isn’t hard. Don’t over think it but do think about your audience and what they would want as you do it. Your audience is always first and foremost if you truly want to engage with them and help them.

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