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Sign up Now for a FREE 15-minute session to talk about your business and see if the B4 Mentoring is for YOU!

Attention: Holistic Therapists, Coaches, Healers, Teachers and ALL who want to go from ordinary to extraordinary, to be bold, to be daring…to rockstart-t your business!

Are YOU ready to live a full, rich and glorious life? A life of adventure, love and success for YOU and YOUR new business?

Dear Beautiful, Boldly Brilliant Woman, YES, YOU!

Do YOU sometimes feel like life is going by so fast, with so much to do, YET your true soul's calling, your dream of a successful, profitable business just stays out of reach?

Do you have 3 or more ``get clients, build your list, social media, marketing`` programs sitting on your shelf or in your computer that you have never finished or started AND, you are still not making any real money in your business?

Do you want to have ``more`` out of life, to have time for YOU and your family, to build the business of purpose, profit and greatness that you deserve?

YES, You WANT to start a business, a real business, but don’t know how to get out there, be profitable and have the time for all you need to do. Your confidence wavers and you continue taking classes, reading books and buying programs which you never use, hoping THIS is the secret sauce. You feel stuck, never getting your business going or never making money in your business. You never have enough time. You sometimes feel confused overwhelmed or something’s not right, with all that needs to be done to start a business. You have no plan or strategy.

I understand. Every day that goes by, you feel less and less capable of creating a successful business. Your soul keeps calling, yearning for you to bring your magic, your gifts into the world and share it with those who need it most. Some days you feel like you can do it and then you get no or little response for your efforts.

You CAN stop the procrastination. You CAN stop the self-doubt.

Get started! Be Boldly Brilliant! Sign up for a Breakthrough, a monthly group mentoring experience to get you started attracting more clients, having more time and connecting with other women entrepreneurs like yourself.

YOU CAN, be it and do it!

What you will learn:

  • 7 Steps to creating the business you want and why you need them ALL to be successful
  • How to attract clients you love and who love you
  • How to have more time, more money and more joy
  • How to Build a Business of purpose for a better, brighter world
  • How to create the Magical Mojo, Step-by-S.T.E.P. Marketing plan with all the tips and tools you need to jumpstart your business

This is for YOU if:

  • If you want to be able to live life without feeling rushed and still be able to fit in all that is important, this group is for you.
  • If you want to WORRY less about your business, this group is for you.
  • If you want support and need someone to keep you accountable and help keep you focused, this group is for you.
  • If you are ready to share your beautiful gifts with the World, this group is for you
  • If you want a rich, full and delicious life, this group is for you.

Be Boldly Brilliant Breakthroughs Mentoring Affectionally called B4

Be Boldly Brilliant butterfly logo

How it works:

Bi-weekly, 60 minute, group mentoring sessions, hosted on ZOOM

A recording of each session to download and replay at your convenience

Email support between sessions

Mentoring and Accountability

Honest and Caring Support like you've never experienced before

Investment: $47. Monthly

Sign up NOW for a FREE 15-minute session to talk about your business and see if the B4 Mentoring is for YOU!

If you are really ready to BE BOLDLY BRILLIANT don’t wait

P.S. Let me help you to step into your brilliance!

YOU can do it!

“It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else.” – Erma Bombeck

Be Bold, Be Brilliant,

Georgia Lee London

100% Guaranteed that after two weeks, you are not completely satisfied and feeling BOLDLY BRILLIANT, we will refund your investment immediately.