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Do you suffer from the Monday Morning Un-Motivated Blues?

Do you suffer from the Monday Morning Un-Motivated Blues?

Do you suffer from the Monday Morning Un-Motivated Blues?

Sometimes, I do.

The un-motivated blues hit me especially when I just get back from a 4 day vacation or staycation. Just like this past Independence Day, long weekend. Are you feeling a little unmotivated? Often on Monday morning, it’s a challenge to get started, get focused and produce great work.

So, I promise you 3 ways to beat the Monday Morning Un-Motivated Blues. If your mind is wandering, your body is feeling fuzzy or you just feel blah, you’ve got them, the un-motivated blues. The blues can strike at anytime, not just Monday mornings. The more you “try” to work, the less you will get done. You need to let go of the feeling, not try to force your will to work. Forcing your will only produces quasi-acceptable work.

Below are three great ways to shake it off, so you can get busy and rockstar-t your biz!

1. Go outside and take a quick walk. Breathe some fresh air. Nothing better to get the blood moving and shake off those blues. Swing your arms front and back and make it a power walk. You will start to feel the power and a shift in your feelings.

2. DO something fun! Focus on fun for 20 minutes. It will be worth the time to get excited about something new and get motivated again. Laughter Yoga (takes only 30 seconds), a video game (don’t go past the 20 minutes) or explore a new business tool. I played with PowToons this morning and then I was able to stop staring at a blank screen. http://www.PowToon.com

3. Take 10 minutes to meditate, dance around the house to your favorite music or prepare a great breakfast (one you would not normally have on a Monday). Try Chocolate Chip Pancakes with real maple syrup which is my favorite! Woman does not live on Green Juice alone. <Sigh> gave up bacon, long ago.

You know when your energy is high, you feel more motivated and you will want to get started and beat those Monday Morning Un-Motivated Blues. So, give one of the above a try. REALLY, do it! You will feel better, have more energy and be ready to rock!

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Be Boldly Brilliant!
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Georgia Lee London, MA, LMFT, RYT, CHC, D.CE. (I’m motivated most of the time, really I am).

Fight off the Monday Morning Blues!


  • Posted at 3:02 pm, July 8, 2013

    Love the puppy with the boxing gloves (I’m a big dog fan).
    Enjoyed your 3 tips. I thought about getting up and dancing this morning. I did listen to a guided meditation, which I do most mornings. And, I wrote in my journal. Then, I made myself a yummy smoothie!
    Now, I’m heading out to meet a new client!
    Have a great day. Here’s to your sweet success.

  • Posted at 3:13 pm, July 8, 2013

    How did you know this is exactly what I needed to hear? We must be feeling the same way because I wrote a similar blog post this morning. I have already walked and meditated. I like the idea of doing something fun for 20 minutes and I am going to go play with my kittens now. And then, it’s back to work….

  • Posted at 3:24 pm, July 8, 2013

    Great ideas!! Thanks!

  • Posted at 1:35 am, July 9, 2013

    Hi, Georgia;

    Great post…but I have to say, I am actually the opposite—I absolutely LOVE what I do! I’ve been blessed to have two careers where I don’t want to stop working in the evening, and I can’t wait to get up and at it in the am! My first career as a professional athlete in the sport of showjumping, and now as a motivational speaker/author. 😉

    Good luck in the UBC challenge!!


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