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Day 4…Bouncing on my Mini-Tramp!

Day 4…Bouncing on my Mini-Tramp!

guymini-trampsmDay 4: Mini-Trampoline

I pulled out my mini-tramp to do a few bounces for self-care. As some of you know, I sold my house and moved last week from a house on 8 acres to a temporary 2 BR apartment, until I move to California in mid-July. As I was bouncing, I heard a knock on the door. The man downstairs wanted to know “What the heck (I am being polite here) are you doing?” So, I invited him in and showed him my mini-tramp. Did I say it was at 7 am today? We had a very nice conversation (I remember now that apartment living is very different than 8 acres) and I apologized and won’t bounce before 10 am. He got on to try it and I took this photo. Did I mention that I LOVE apartment living?

You meet the most interesting people.

What will YOU do for Self-Care today?


“Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.” ~ Buddha

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