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Who is Georgia Lee London?

What I am truly About?

I am all about putting FUN and JOY back into life–at home and at work.

I help women become who they truly are, so they can achieve spellbinding success.

And, I inspire women entrepreneurs to be boldly brilliant in their actions to heal the world and heal themselves.

Let me share my True Spirit…some might call this a mission, purpose or a passion.

The true spirit of my work is to invite brilliant, bold and beautiful women who care deeply, into a life of wild and daring adventure, a frolic in ecstasy, full of chocolate, wine and wild rides that becomes possible when they give all they have with moxie and muscle, with buckets of love and courage, while enjoying an inspired, passionate, romantic and enchanted life, as they believe in the need for ALL, including them, to be seen and heard in their full, honest, naked glory as they take on the World and Rock it!

Women like YOU, who are hiding their brilliance, I help YOU to step boldly into that brilliance and build the successful soul inspired business that YOU deserve.

Some people call me the serial entrepreneur, as I have pioneered several very successful and highly profitable businesses from yoga studios and gymnastics schools to academic grant programs, counseling centers and now online business.

I am the creator of ZENgevity! Body * Brain * Balance and lead the International ZENgevity teacher training program (ZENgevity.com) as well as the Be Boldly Brilliant program, inspiring women entrepreneurs to daring adventures in business success!

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