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19 Direct Ways to Boost Conversions with Your Facebook Groups!

19 Direct Ways to Boost Conversions with Your Facebook Groups!

19 Direct Ways to Boost Conversions with Your Facebook Groups!

  1. Utilize Pinned Posts – A pinned post will show up at the top of the group for all members to see each time they go to the group. This is a great place to highlight and link to your opt-in offer, sales pages, resources, and other valuable items.
  2. Welcome New Group Members – When a new member joins, always interact to welcome them. Then, direct them to your opt-in offers immediately. After all, you want them to get on your list. That’s the ultimate goal and can be done by offering a unique freebie specifically for group members.
  3. Upload Helpful Files – Each group has an area where you can upload files. Examples might include a list of tools and resources, your opt-in, freebies, group rules, and editable members list, and anything else that you believe adds value to the group.
  4. Link to a Group Calendar – Another great thing to put in the welcome messages (pinned) and in the files, is a link to a group calendar like Google Calendar so that you can share any upcoming events all in one place.
  5. Cross Promote – If you have other online real estate, such as a shop on Etsy, Shopify or your website, be sure to cross-promote those using the files, new posts, and the welcome messages.
  6. Share Blog Post – Any time you write a new blog post, share it within the group and invite them to go to the blog to make a comment on it.
  7. Ask Members to Promote – A great way to build your membership is to have a membership drive. Host a contest where your current members invite their friends to the group and the winner can get a freebie of some kind.
  8. Host Private Group Live Events – You can run a Facebook Live event within your group rather than on your public page. This gives private group members some VIP treatment and information that others won’t get.
  9. Ask Questions & Post Short Answers – You can ask your own question, use a customer question, or go from a group member’s question to pose a question for group feedback, while also answering the question with a short answer linking to a longer answer, as a blog post or in the form of an information product that you link to within your answer.
  10. Let Your Members Promote – Schedule a specific time when members can share resources or promote their own businesses or a freebie. This enables members to get subscribers and buyers too.
  11. Add Videos – People love videos, so if you create any for other platforms you can upload them to your Facebook Group. You can also make super short videos teaching your members about your topic. For example, don’t assume they know how to find the files section in the group, post a short video to show them where they can find the good stuff.
  12. Offer a FB Group Member-Only Upgrade & Coupon – Membership has its privileges so make them feel the love. Offer specials that will only be offered to these members. They’ll feel special and they will reciprocate by bragging about you.
  13. Share Your Progress – If you’re creating a new product, planning an event, or doing something that will eventually be offered to the group tease them by letting them in on what’s coming, giving them an opportunity to get on the list to find out first.
  14. Ask for Feedback – As you create more products, use your group to get into their heads. The audience will still feel as if you read their mind. Ask their opinion on cover images, titles of programs, even group rules. The more you make them feel part of something the more engaged and loyal they’ll become.
  15. Share Tips & Encourage Opt-ins/Buys – If you have a tip to share related to something they care about, do it. The more valuable assistance and resources you offer, the more likely they are to opt-in and buy what you offer.
  16. Share Quote Images – A great way to boost your content is to create memes with quotes relating to your freebie, products, or services. They can be quotes from testimonials, from inside the product, or from famous people related to your niche.
  17. Create Customized Headers – Every group has a custom header. A custom header can do double duty by welcoming everyone, but it can also be a billboard for your current offers, email options, and promotions. To your custom cover, add your email opt-in or advertise a freebie.
  18. Use 3rd Party Automation – When possible, use third-party automation to help you add group messages. Depending on what you want to promote, you may use something like Hootsuite, which allows you to schedule messages on multiple social platforms. Other software can help you promote items from a related shop, such as CafePress.
  19. Plan Community Events – As a Facebook group leader, you have a unique opportunity to plan both online and offline events. These are great opportunities to get to know each other better and to boost profits.

These tips offer you the means to directly influence your audience in your Facebook group and to convert group members on to your email list. These tips will increase your group membership and create loyal fans who will promote your group or website and buy more products or services, because you’re offering them so much value.

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